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Jun 22, 2022

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Nov 14, 2023

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Application service provider, namely, hosting, managing, developing, and maintaining applications, software, and web sites, in the fields of banking and financial services, and remote data management for wireless delivery of content to handheld computers, laptops and mobile electronic devices; computer services, namely, hosting and maintaining an on-line web site for others for banking that can be used across platforms to connect users through various electronic mediums, including electronic chat messaging, instant messaging, social media, and electronic mail; providing on-line non-downloadable computer communications software to allow customers to access bank account information and transact bank business; providing on-line non-downloadable software for enabling mobile banking; providing on-line non-downloadable software for use in connection with electronic check conversion and remote deposit services, electronic transfer of money, electronic payment, viewing bank account information, and electronic payment of bills; providing on-line non-downloadable software which enables users to locate and receive navigational directions to locations at which financial services are provided; providing on-line non-downloadable software that allows users to communicate with financial service professionals; providing on-line non-downloadable software for use in connection with fraud and identity theft protection; computer security services, namely, electronic monitoring of credit card and banking activity to detect fraud in the fields of credit cards, banking, electronic funds transfer, debit card and electronic check transactions via a global computer network; computer services, namely, on-line scanning, detecting, quarantining and eliminating of viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, malware and unauthorized data and programs on computers and electronic devices; computer virus and malware protection services; electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud via the internet; user authentication services using technology for e-commerce transactions; providing on-line non-downloadable software to facilitate consumer transactions, customer support, promote the goods and services of others and support sales transactions all made via social media and on-line networks; providing user authentication services using authentication technologies including single sign-on technology, biometric hardware, software, phone, messaging, access certification short message service (SMS), voice one time password (OTP), username and password verification, and mobile device user identity authentication for banking and financial transactions

Computer and Scientific