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Jun 22, 2022

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Cell phone straps; Cell phones; Computer hardware with preinstalled operating system software; Emergency notification system comprised of a data processor and a user input device for connecting the data processor to an emergency response entity through a communication network and allowing audio and data communication between the processor and the entity; Emergency position-indicating radio beacons; Emergency signal transmitters; GPS data logger for recording trips and classifying them into different accounts; GPS receivers; Mobile computers; Mobile phone chargers; Mobile phone ring holders; Mobile phone ring stands; Mobile phone screen protectors; Mobile phone straps; Mobile phones; Mobile radios; Mobile telephone accessories, namely, belt clips; Safety bracelets with warning whistles attached; Smart watches; Smartwatch bands; Wearable cameras; Wearable computers in the nature of smartwatches; Wearable electronic proximity sensors with embedded contact tracing software for tracking among wearers; Wearable video display monitors; Wearable video display monitors that may be attached to people; Wireless chargers; Wireless communication devices for transmitting images taken by a camera; Wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission; Wireless controllers to monitor and control the functioning of other electronic devices; Wireless POS (point of service) devices; Wireless routers; Wireless telephones; Wireless telephony apparatus; Wireless transceiver radio; Wireless transmitters and receivers; Carrying cases for mobile computers; Cases adapted for holding smartwatches; Cases for mobile phones; Cellular phone usage detection system comprising a camera and a mobile phone signal receiving device; Clear protective covers specially adapted for personal electronic devices, namely, smartwatches; Computer hardware for tracking by GPS; Devices for wireless radio transmission; Devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; Downloadable computer software for administration of computer networks; Downloadable computer software for database management; Downloadable computer software for processing digital images; Downloadable computer software for wireless content delivery; Downloadable computer graphics software; Downloadable computer networking software; Downloadable computer operating software; Downloadable computer operating system software; Downloadable children's educational mobile applications; Downloadable computer software for accessing, reading, and tracking information in the field of wearables on a blockchain; Electronic devices for animal locating and tracking programmed to use global positioning systems (GPS) and cellular communications; Electronic personal emergency response system consisting of a device worn on the body with a button that users push to notify others in the event of an emergency, and a remote unit that dials out on the telephone for help; Electronic text-messaging device for use in conjunction with personal digital assistants; Flashing safety lights; Global positioning system (GPS); GPS tracking device to be worn on the wrist of an athlete during endurance events; GPS tracking devices; GPS navigation device; Helmet safety lights; Lanyards for safety purposes for fall protection; Luminous safety beacons; Personal emergency response systems (PERS); Personal protective equipment (PPE), namely, safety goggles; Personal security alarms that connect to a wireless communications network; Portable LED safety lighting devices for personal use for safety purposes; Portable wrist-mounted digital electronic device for audio recording and audio playback; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; Protective cases for cell phones; Recorded computer software for database management; Recorded computer networking software; Recorded computer operating software; Satellite navigational system, namely, a global positioning system (GPS); Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), downloadable, for measuring and displaying the electrical signal produced by the heart; Stands for personal digital electronic devices, namely, smartwatches; Telecommunication apparatus in the nature of wireless receivers in the form of jewelry; Wearable activity trackers; Wearable global positioning system (GPS); Wireless communication device featuring voice, data and image transmission including voice, text and picture messaging, a video and still image camera, also functional to purchase music, games, video and software applications over the air for downloading to the device; Wireless transceivers with collection and display technology for the status and tracking of all vehicle types in local environments

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus