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Jun 22, 2022

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Ores of non-precious metal; common metals and their alloys and semi-finished products made of these materials, namely, semi-finished copper, lead; irons for construction, namely, unwrought or semi-wrought iron, cast iron; mats of common metals for use as load support surfaces for buildings in the construction industry and stirrups of common metal; common metals in the form of plate, billet, stick, profile, sheet and sheeting; goods and materials of common metal, namely, pillars of metal, laths of metal used for storage, wrapping, packaging and sheltering purposes, containers of metal for storage and transport, prefabricated buildings of metal, frames of metal for building, poles of metal for building, metal boxes, industrial packaging containers of metal, aluminium foil, fences made of metal, guard barriers of metal, metal tubes, metal containers for the storage and transportation of goods, ladders of metal; goods of common metal, namely, laths of metal for filtering and sifting purposes, included in this class; doors, windows, shutters, jalousies and their cases and fittings of metal; non-electric cables and wires of metal; metal hardware, namely, ironmongery consisting of metal brackets, metal springs, metal nuts; small hardware of metal, namely, springs, washers, nuts; screws of metal; nails; bolts of metal; nuts of metal; pegs of metal; flakes of metal; pitons of metal; metal chains; furniture casters of metal; fittings of metal for furniture; door handles of metal; window handles of metal; hinges of metal; metal latches; metal locks; metal keys for locks; metal ring-shaped fittings; metal pulleys, other than for machines; ventilation ducts of metal, metal roof vents, metal vent covers for HVAC ducts, metal pipes, metal chimney caps, metal manhole covers, ventilation fan accessories consisting of grilles of metal for ventilation, heating, sewage, telephone, underground electricity and air conditioning installations; Non-luminous and non-mechanical metal panels and boards used for signaling, route showing, publicity purposes, signboards of metal, advertisement columns of metal, signaling panels of metal, non-luminous and non-mechanical traffic signs of metal; pipes of metal for transportation of liquids and gas, drilling pipes of metal and their metal fittings, valves of metal not being parts of machines, couplings of metal for pipes, elbows of metal for pipes, clips of metal for pipes, connectors of metal for pipes; safes of metal; metal railway materials for railway construction; metal rails; metal railway ties; metal railway switches; bollards of metal; floating docks of metal; mooring buoys of metal; anchors; metal moulds for casting, other than machine parts; works of art made of common metals and their alloys, trophies of common metal; metal closures for bottles, containers, bags; bottle caps of metal; metal poles; metal pillars for buildings; scaffolding of metal; metal tent, garden stakes; scaffolding metal towers; metal pallets and metal ropes for lifting, loading and transportation purposes; metal hangers, ties, straps, tapes and bands used for load-lifting and load-carrying; wheel chocks made primarily of metal; metal profile laths for vehicles for the purposes of decoration

Metal Goods

Non-metal ventilating ducts; Non-metal roof vents for heating cooling, ventilation in residential and commercial buildings; Non-metal vent covers for HVAC ducts; sewer, drain, gutter pipes, not of metal; non-metal chimney caps; manhole covers, not of metal; Sand, gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, bitumen, cement, gypsum, plaster, concrete, marble blocks for construction; building materials consisting of finished products, namely, building materials consisting of non-metal wall panels, non-metal roofing, non-metal floor panels made of concrete, gypsum, clay, potters' clay, stone, marble, wood, plastics and synthetic materials for building, construction, road construction purposes; non-metallic buildings, namely, transportable non-metallic buildings, non-metallic building materials, namely, floor boards, fiberglass windows, poles not of metal for power lines, crash barriers not of metal; asphalt-based natural and synthetic coatings in the form of panels and sheets, being building materials; bitumen cardboard coatings for roofing; bitumen coating for roofing; doors and windows of wood and non-metal synthetic materials; traffic signs not of metal, non-luminous and non-mechanical, for roads; monuments and statuettes of stone, concrete and marble; building glass; prefabricated swimming pools not of metal, namely, prefabricated swimming pool structures; aquarium sand

Nonmetallic Building Materials