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Jun 22, 2022

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Chemical products for dental purposes, in particular treatment fluids for use in the dental field consisting of fluids for disinfections of surfaces, suction systems, instruments, hands or other parts of the human body; fluids for cleaning devices; fluids for body care; fluids for skin protection; fluids for film processing; disinfectants for equipment and accessories for the dental and veterinary field


Apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded digital media, showing settings, and specific patient and device information, monitoring information, alignment information, picture information related to diagnostic purpose; downloadable digital media, showing submittals, settings, information related to diagnostic purpose; data processing equipment; blank digital storage media, analogue recording device for image carriers; blank exposure data carriers for recording data; downloadable mobile applications for use in the dental field; downloadable computer application program software for control, report, plan, store and align dental devices, services and treatments; downloadable computer application program software for acquiring and editing images, sharing with cloud based services, templates, networking and training purposes; data processing equipment for processing, viewing, evaluating, optimizing, managing, and archiving images and image files, namely, images and image files generated by means of a camera or X-ray apparatus; all the aforesaid goods for dental and veterinary use and applications; accessories for X-ray equipment, sensors, cameras and scanners, namely, storage media, imaging plates, interchangeable heads and spacers for cameras, holders for X-ray sensors, electronic filters; scanners for scanning X-ray films and image plates; X-ray film developing machines; devices for positioning dental and veterinary equipment; parts and spare parts of camera hand pieces for dental and veterinary use, namely, lenses, prisms and electronic components

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Instruments, apparatus and equipment in the field of diagnosis, examination, imaging, monitoring and reproduction in the nature of X-ray devices for dental purposes, cameras for dental purposes, scanning devices for dental purposes, displays for dental purposes or sensor technology for dental purposes; X-ray imaging devices and X-ray tubes for medical purposes; image acquisition and analysis device for dental and medical use; X-ray scanners; sensors for digital X-ray for dental imaging applications; apparatus for digitizing, and developing and reproducing equipment for medical X-ray films and plates for dental applications; medical equipment in the nature of patient positioning devices for positioning patients during procedures; flexible wrapping made of plastic, foils, foam, adhesives stripes, synthetic and natural fibers or a mixture of the foregoing specially adapted for dental and veterinary apparatus and accessories; all the aforesaid goods for dental and veterinary use and applications; digitizing and developing equipment for medical and dental X-ray films and images; in-vivo cameras for image acquisition for dental and veterinary diagnostic purposes; image converters and image plates for capturing x-rays and converting them to information that creates an image for dental and veterinary purposes; scanner for X-ray films and image plates for dental and veterinary diagnostic purposes; erasers for image plates as parts specially adapted for X-ray apparatus for dental and veterinary diagnostic purposes; radiological apparatus for dental and veterinary diagnostic purposes; specially adapted hygienic and light-protective covers for medical equipment apparatus and accessories for dental and veterinary purposes consisting of covers for bite blocks, imaging plates, imaging sensors, scanners, X-Ray sources, in-vivo cameras or parts of it

Medical Apparatus