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May 20, 2022

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Health care services; medical services; home health care services; nursing services; home nursing aid services; physical therapy; physical rehabilitation; medical, physical rehabilitation and physical therapy services; speech therapy; medical counseling; performing diagnosis of diseases; consultation in the field of home health treatment programs adapted to individual patient needs featuring facilitating patient's transition from hospital to home, assessing the home environment and the patient condition, monitoring a patient's condition, and reporting same to others to facilitate their provision of home health care services provided; medical testing for diagnostic or treatment purposes; providing medical therapy in the nature of mental health therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy in the nature of movement therapy, acupressure therapy; medical information services to individuals affected by certain chronic disorders; physical rehabilitation services; counseling in the field of healthcare; providing physical rehabilitation facilities; medical evaluation services, namely, functional assessment program for patients receiving medical rehabilitation services for purposes of guiding treatment and assessing program effectiveness; physical therapy services; occupational therapy services; medical services in the field of orthopedics; hospice services; nutrition counseling; food nutrition consultation; health care services, namely, disease management program; providing neurological medical rehabilitation services; providing medical information, consultancy, and advisory services; providing medical counseling for personal support for families of patients with life-threatening disorders; palliative care services

Medical, Beauty & Agricultural

Non-medical in-home personal care services for assisting with daily living activities of mentally or physically challenged people; providing personal support services for families of patients with life-threatening disorders, namely, companionship, help with medical forms, emotional counseling and emotional support; in-home support services, namely, care management in the nature of coordination of necessary services and personal care for older individuals; in-home support services, namely, personal case management for coordination of personal care, medical and psychological services for patients; in-home support services, namely, medical care management in the nature of coordination of necessary medical services and personal care for patients