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May 20, 2022

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Downloadable software for monitoring and controlling communication between computers and automated machine systems; Downloadable software for analytics of streaming services; Downloadable communications software for connecting streaming services to end users with more success; Downloadable computer software for processing digital images; Downloadable computer software for the collection, editing, organizing, modifying, book marking, transmission, storage, and sharing of data and information; Downloadable computer software for wireless content delivery; Downloadable computer software for improving the quality of streaming services; Downloadable computer software for improvement of the quality of streaming services, namely, video and audio streaming; Downloadable computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images, and moving pictures; Downloadable computer software using artificial intelligence for integration into streaming services, namely, for improving the quality of streaming services; Downloadable computer application software for streaming services, namely, software for analytics to improve the quality of streaming services; Downloadable data compression software; Downloadable DVR sideloading software application for downloading DVR-recorded content for viewing on smartphones; Electronic software updates, namely, downloadable computer software and associated downloadable data files for updating computer software in the fields of analytics of video streaming for improving the quality of streaming services, provided via computer and communication networks

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus