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May 20, 2022

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Acetone (nail polish remover); Acetone for personal use; Nail stickers; Astringents for cosmetic use; Eau de Cologne; Lavender water; Toilet water; Depilatory water; Micellar water; Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetics; Antiseptic alcohol gel for personal hygiene; Cotton impregnated with make-up preparations; Cotton for personal hygiene; Cotton for cosmetic use; Musk; Amber; Antiperspirants; Clay for cosmetics; Aromatics; Room fragrances with sticks; Curl activator; Basma; Lipsticks; Lip gloss; Nail polish; Moustache wax; Hair Removal; Wax Eyelashes; Artificial Nail Polish Conditioner; Conditioner bar; Hair conditioners; Seaweed based cosmetic; Cosmetics; Eyebrow cosmetics; Children's cosmetics; Eyelash cosmetic; Anti-wrinkle cream; Deodorant cream; Exfoliating cream; Moisturizing cream; Combing cream; Skin lightening creams; Personal use bath crystal; Antiperspirant deodorant; Deodorants; Hair emulsion; Bath herb; Nail polish; Mint essence; Rice Powder Case; Flower extracts; Massage gels, other than for medical use; Hand sanitizer; Fats for cosmetic use; Cotton-tipped rods for cosmetic purposes; Henna; Ionone; Eyebrow penci;l Pencil for cosmetic use; Hair lacquer; Liquid latex for body paint for cosmetic use; Vaginal washes for hygiene or deodorization purposes; Almond milk for cosmetic use; Cleansing milks for toilet use; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Tissues impregnated with makeup remover preparations; Baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; Sandpaper with a paper backing; Tissue backed sandpaper; Suntan lotion; Moisturizing lotion; Hair lotions; Lotions for cosmetic use; After shave lotions; Face Makeup; Beauty masks; Hair treatment mask; Hair hydration mask; Mints for perfumery Fragrance blend; Odorizers for personal use; Body oil; Almond oil; Gaulteria oil; Lavender oil; Rose oil; Essential Oils; Perfume and essence oils; Oils for cosmetic use; Perfumes; Make-up powder; Ointments for cosmetic use; Lipstick holder - Cosmetic bath preparations; Cosmetic preparations for baths; Cosmetic preparations for slimming; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic use; Bath preparations for intimate hygiene or deodorant use; Preparations for personal hygiene; Preparations for waving hair; Preparations for perfuming rooms; Sun protection preparations; Propolis-based personal care product; Non-dedicated skin cleansers and moisturizers; Skincare cosmetics; Eyelash cosmetics; Perfumery products; Bleaching products for cosmetic use Neutralizing products for permanent hair; Make-up products; Nail care products; Makeup Remover ;Cosmetic remover; Nail Polish Remover; Hair Repairer; Mascara; Antiperspirant; Soap; Antiperspirant foot soap; Almond soap; Deodorant soap; Exfoliating soap; Intimate soap; Liquid soap; Shaving soap; Bath salts, other than for medical use; Adhesive substances for cosmetic use; Talcum powder for toilet use; Body dyes for cosmetic use; Cosmetic dyes; Beard dyes; Hair dyes; Permanent nails; Dry shampoo; Shampoo bar; Shampoos

Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations