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May 20, 2022

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Matching borrowers with potential lenders in the field of mortgage lending

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Mortgage banking; Mortgage banking services, namely, origination, acquisition, servicing, securitization and brokerage of mortgage loans; Mortgage brokerage; Mortgage compliance consulting services concerning financial requirements for mortgages for mortgage lenders and servicers and mortgage brokers; Mortgage financing services; Mortgage foreclosure mitigation and loan default mitigation services, namely, acquisition and lease-back of real estate; Mortgage foreclosure services; Mortgage lending; Mortgage procurement for others; Mortgage refinancing; Mortgage services, namely, buyer pre-qualification of mortgages for mortgage brokers and banks; Mortgaging of securities for others; Cash flow services, namely, providing cash to mortgage holders or other notes at a discounted rate in return for ownership of the mortgage or note; Financial services, namely, mortgage planning; Financial services, namely, mortgage refinancing; Financial services, namely, loss mitigation services for under- or non-performing mortgage loans; Financial services, namely, the purchase of residential mortgages on behalf of others and the issuance of mortgage-backed securities; Membership club services, namely, providing information to members in the fields of real estate, mortgages and debt elimination; Processing mortgage insurance policy refunds; Providing post-compliance financial reviews for the mortgage industry; Real estate services to stop foreclosure, namely, mortgage debt management

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