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May 20, 2022

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Digital photo frames; Digital photo frames for displaying Digital pictures; Digital weather station instruments; Environmental monitoring system comprised of meters and sensors that measure pressure, humidity, temperature and includes alarm and reporting functions; Food safety monitoring devices, namely, thermometers; Humidity sensor with integrated digital and analog output circuitry used in automotive, appliance and light industrial applications to sense both relative humidity and temperature environmental conditions; LCD picture frames with plush decorative outer surface; Measuring apparatus for temperature and humidity levels in gases and solid substances; Meat thermometers; Meteorological instruments; Multi-function electronic device for use in children's rooms comprising a sound producing function, temperature gauge and also including a clock and nightlight; Sensors for the determination of temperatures, positions and distances; Technical measuring, testing and checking apparatus and instruments for measuring, testing and checking the temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of gas and liquids; Thermometers, not for medical purposes; Video graphics controller

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus