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Jun 22, 2022

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Golf accessories, namely, carriers and dispensers for golf balls; Golf accessories, namely, holders specially adapted for holding golf ball markers; Golf accessory pouches; Golf accessory, namely, support for holding a golf club; Golf bags; Golf gloves; Golf training aid, namely, a brace worn on the hand and wrist to control flipping of the hand in a golf swing; Golf bag carts; Golf bag covers; Golf bag straps; Golf bag tags; Golf bag trolleys; Golf ball dispensers; Golf ball markers; Golf ball retrievers; Golf ball sleeves; Golf balls; Golf club covers; Golf club grips; Golf club head covers; Golf clubs; Golf cups for playing golf; Golf divot repair tools; Golf practice nets; Golf putter covers; Golf tee bags; Golf tees; Golf towel clips for attachment to golf bags; Divot repair tools being golf accessories; Driving practice mats; Fitted covers for non-motorized golf bag carts; Fitted protective covers specially adapted for sports equipment, namely, golf bags; Gloves for golf; Grip tapes for golf clubs; Head covers for golf clubs; Non-motorized golf bag carts

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