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Jun 22, 2022

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Apparatus for recording, transmission, processing, reproduction amplifying of sound, images and/or data, namely, optical and magneto-optical disc players and recorders for audio, video and computer data, compact disc players and recorders, portable CD players; DVD players and recorders, portable DVD players, high-capacity optical disc players and recorders, namely, optical and magneto-optical disc and MP 3 and MP 4 file recorders and players; digital audio recorders and players; data processors and computers; sound processors, sound cards; loudspeakers and drivers for loudspeakers; portable audio speakers; audio speakers for home; jukebox speaker systems; television sets, monitors and LCD screen displays; TV wall mounts; television remote controls; soundbars; soundbar speakers; subwoofers; antennas; radios; FM transmitters, boomboxes, microphones, and tuners, namely, FM tuner for plugging into a cigarette adapter; power controllers, headphones; wireless headphones; in-ear headphones; noise cancelling headphones; wireless ear buds; universal remote controls to control DVD, TV, radio, stereo and VCR devices; batteries and dry cells; electric cables, electrical connectors, electrical cords and electrical wires; radio alarm clocks; radios incorporating clocks, namely, electronic clocks; AM/FM clock radio, CD players incorporating clock radio; audio video cables, electrical adapters, plug adapters, power adapters, adapters that are a combination of electrical, plug, and power adapters, audio/video signal splitters, multimedia interface splitters, outdoor television covers, audio visual projectors, radio transmitters, FM car radio transmitters; Charging accessories, namely, universal power banks for charging batteries in portable electronic devices, charging cables and USB cables; car charger, namely, portable device charger for use in a car; USB car charger; 12-volt car socket charger; DC cigarette lighter car charger; electrical sockets, charging cables, headphone jack adapters, jack plugs, namely, electrical jacks, jack adapters; electrical connection boxes; Virtual reality headsets; virtual reality goggles; Mobile phone accessories, namely, smartphone mounts, battery chargers, cases, keyboards, covers, charging cables; portable power chargers; desk or car mounted units incorporating a loudspeaker to allow a telephone handset to be used hands-free; selfie sticks; smartphone camera lenses; tripods for cameras; stands adapted for mobile phones; blank USB flash drives; earbuds; smartwatches; smartphone cases and covers; screen protectors for mobile phones and tablets; mobile phone docking station; mobile phone ring holders; joysticks adapted for smartphones other than for video games; wireless charging pads for smartwatches, mobile phones, headphones, and computer tablets; monopods for use with cameras and cell phones

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus