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Filing Date

May 20, 2022

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Classification Information

Hand tools for construction, repair and maintenance, namely, taps, hex wrenches and torx wrenches for bicycles

Hand Tools

sports glasses; sports goggles; helmets for bicycles

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

bicycle wheel hubs; bicycle stands; bicycle tires; inner tubes for bicycle tires; bicycle wheel rims; bicycle bells; bicycle chains; drivetrains for bicycles; bicycle handle bar stems; bicycle handle bars; bicycle seat posts; bicycle saddles; puncture repair kits for bicycle tires comprised primarily of adhesive rubber patches; bicycle pedals; bicycle pumps; axles for vehicles; bicycle water bottle cages; bicycle cranks; chain guards for bicycles; bicycle sprockets; bicycle gears; derailleurs for bicycles; chainwheels for bicycles; handlebar ends for bicycles; bicycle handlebar grips; structural parts of bicycles


luggage; backpacks

Leather Goods

empty water bottles for bicycles

Housewares and Glass

clothing for cyclists, namely, shirts, hats, jackets, and jerseys; t-shirts; hats; gloves for cyclists; footwear


athletic protective knee pads for cycling; athletic protective elbow pads for cycling; wrist guards for athletic use

Toys and Sporting Goods