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May 20, 2022

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downloadable digital content being videos; downloadable digital media content being videos

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

advertising consultancy; advertising planning services; advertising services to create brand identity for others; business advice relating to advertising; business marketing consulting services; consultancy and advisory services in the field of business marketing; consultancy regarding advertising communication strategies; consultancy services in the field of Internet marketing; creating and updating advertising material for others; development of marketing strategies and concepts for others; production of advertising films for others; production of advertising materials for others; providing marketing consultancy in the field of social media; providing marketing strategies for others

Advertising and Business

film and video production; video editing; video film production; video production; video production services

Education and Entertainment

consultancy in the field of webpage design; design and development of webpages; updating websites for others; website design consultancy; website development for others

Computer and Scientific