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Jun 22, 2022

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Aug 29, 2023

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Cosmetics; Cosmetics for animals; Cosmetics for children; Cosmetic creams; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Lip glosses; Beauty masks; Cosmetic pencils; Oils for toilet purposes; Pomades for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetic preparations for baths; Phytocosmetic preparations; Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Perfumery; Make-up preparations; Perfumes; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Cosmetic hair dyes; Make-up; Cosmetic kits comprised of cosmetic creams, cosmetics serums, cosmetic lotions, non-medicated cosmetic soaps; Non-medicated cosmetic soap; shampoos

Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations

Mental health therapy services; medical services; beauty salon services; pharmacy advice; dietary and nutritional advice; cosmetic surgery services; counseling in the cosmetic field; cosmetic treatment for the body, namely, body and facial treatments in the nature of cosmetic peels, facial and body massages; face and body cosmetic treatment services in the nature of cosmetic peels and massages paired with cosmetic creams, oils, serums and lotions; cosmetic analysis services to determine the most suitable cosmetics based on individual face shape and skin tone; beauty care services; facial treatment services in the nature of cosmetic peels; nutrition counseling; consultation services relating to skin care

Medical, Beauty & Agricultural