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Filing Date

Jun 22, 2022

Registration Date

Oct 3, 2023

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Active Trademark

Classification Information

Hand-operated sprayers for insecticides; power washers, namely, high pressure washers; Electric steam irons

Hand Tools

Electric foot spa massagers

Medical Apparatus

Charcoal chimney starters; Electric food dehydrators; hydroponic grow boxes comprised of LED plant grow lights and a planter for containing the plants; Electric ice cream makers; Refrigerated dispensing units for beverages; Lighting fixtures with motion detection; Ozone sanitizers for air and water; portable showers; Portable air conditioners; electric fans; propane torches for soldering, heating, scorching, welding; Wine coolers, namely, refrigerated cabinets containing racks for wine bottles and storage shelves; solar powered lights; Electric night lights; Lanterns for lighting; Dehumidifiers; electric dryers for nails, namely, LED drying apparatus; electric lamps; flood lights; humidifiers; Electronic facial steamers; Steam facial apparatus; lighting tubes; facial saunas; Beverage cooling apparatus; Mounting brackets adapted for window-mounting air-conditioners

Environmental Control Apparatus



Air mattresses, not for medical purposes

Furniture and Articles not Otherwise Classified

ironing boards; tea infusers

Housewares and Glass