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May 20, 2022

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Jul 4, 2023

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Cosmetic apparatus, namely, light based devices providing mainly pulsed light for performing non-ablative aesthetic skin treatment procedures; Electrically-powered apparatus for treating skin by applying low level light and sonic vibrations to the skin; Electronic muscle stimulators for medical purposes; Electronic stimulation apparatus for nerves for physical therapy purposes; Electronic stimulation apparatus for skin for physical therapy purposes; Electronic stimulation apparatus for muscles for physical therapy purposes; Lasers for the cosmetic treatment of the face and skin; Massage apparatus; Medical devices and apparatus, namely, vacuum assisted breast biopsy system and parts and fittings therefor; Orthopedic cast cooling system comprised of a membrane wrapped around the cast, a vacuum pump and hoses to facilitate air flow to facilitate healing and comfort; Therapeutic apparatus, namely, body limb thermal compression undergarments for relief of muscular and joint pain through targeted thermal application and compression; Ultrasonic therapy machines and apparatus; Vacuum pumps for medical purposes

Medical Apparatus