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May 20, 2022

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Automated file management solutions; outsourcing management and systems administration services in the field of technology; data processing services; systemization of enterprise information into cloud-based software databases; modernization of data in computer databases and database migration services

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The design, configuration and implementation of enterprise human resources cloud software solutions; cloud transformation consultancy services; digitization and automation solutions for employee documents in the cloud; cloud-based data migration services; cloud-based data integration services; accounting compliance, development and implementation of software in the field of financial management and administration; advisory accounting transformation for streamlining financial reporting; configuration services for cloud-based supply chain management software; enterprise performance management cloud-based configuration solutions; asset and equipment management; cloud-based configuration solutions; optimization of enterprise business processes and operations for cloud systems; data analytics; configuration services for enterprise cloud-based digital assistants and chatbots; technical and consulting services for software configuration in the field of finance and human resources cloud systems; outsourcing management and systems administration services in the field of technology and information systems consulting

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