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Jun 22, 2022

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Artificial fishing lures; Fishing equipment, namely, clamps for securing fishing equipment on body; Fishing aid which sinks to the bottom of any body of water in which it is placed and stands vertically from the bottom with fish line attached a few inches from the hook intended to catch the fish; Fishing buoys; Fishing creels; Fishing equipment, namely, winging material for fishing jigs and streamers; Fishing flies; Fishing floats; Fishing fly boxes; Fishing gaffs; Fishing leaders; Fishing lines; Fishing lure boxes; Fishing lure parts; Fishing lures; Fishing lures, namely, plastic worms; Fishing lures, namely, spoons; Fishing plugs; Fishing pole holders worn on the body; Fishing reels; Fishing rod blanks; Fishing rod cases; Fishing rod handles; Fishing rod holders; Fishing rod racks; Fishing rods; Fishing safety harness; Fishing sinkers; Fishing spinners; Fishing tackle bags; Fishing tackle containers; Fishing weights; Flies for use in fishing; Hand-held fishing nets; Lures for fishing; Sportsman's fishing bags

Toys and Sporting Goods