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Jun 22, 2022

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Apr 2, 2024

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Aerials; Modems; Aerial amplifiers; Aerial combiners; Antenna filters; Antennas for wireless communications apparatus; Apparatus for transmission of communication; Data processing equipment; Fibre optic cables; Junction sleeves for fibre optics; Navigation apparatus for vehicles; Nonlinear optical fibres; Optical fibres; Programmable logic controllers; Satellite aerials; Telecommunications cables; Telecommunications multiplexers; Telecommunications transmitters; Transmitters of electronic signals; Broadband wireless equipment, namely, telecommunications base station equipment for cellular and fixed networking and communications applications; Cables for optical signal transmission; Computer hardware and recorded software system for remotely monitoring environmental conditions and controlling devices within a building, facility, grounds, or designated spatial area; Electric capacitors for telecommunication apparatus; Electrical controlling devices; Electrical transformers; Fuses; Indicator lights; Integrated circuits and integrated circuit cores for use in wireless communications and wireless communication equipment and apparati and digital signal processors (DSP); Measuring and control devices for air conditioning technology; Microphones; Mounting devices for photographic equipment; Optical sensors; Pickups for telecommunication apparatus; Radio wave transmitting aerials; Reconfigurable processors for use in wireless communication handsets and network equipment in the field of wideband communications; Satellite-aided navigation systems; Signal band separators for use in telecommunications applications; Traffic-light apparatus

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus