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Jun 22, 2022

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Pressure measuring apparatus; temperature measuring apparatus, not for medical use; humidity measuring apparatus; air velocity measuring apparatus, namely, meters for measuring air velocity; pressure gauges; pressure sensors; pressure transmitters; pressure indicators; pressure recorders; air velocity gauges, namely, flow meters; air velocity sensors; air velocity recorders being anemometers; temperature gauges; temperature sensors; temperature transmitters; temperature indicators; temperature recorders; humidity gauges; humidity sensors; humidity transmitters; humidity indicators; humidity recorders; air flow balancing instruments, namely, air hoods for balancing air flow in HVAC systems in the nature of measuring and control devices for air conditioning technology, not being parts of HVAC units; air flow grids, namely, air flow sensors for measuring air flow in the nature of measuring devices for air conditioning technology, not being parts of air-conditioning installations; manometers; anemometers; devices for displaying and storing measurements associated with HVAC testing and balancing; carbon dioxide measurement sensors

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus