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May 20, 2022

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Jun 27, 2023

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Clinical laboratory diagnostic apparatus and instruments for chemical or microbiological analysis, measuring, and testing of blood and other bodily fluids; clinical laboratory diagnostic apparatus and instruments, namely, equipment and devices in the nature of immune analyzers, nucleic acid analyzers, bacteriologic analyzers, microbiologic analyzers; electrolyte analyzers, namely, clinical laboratory analyzers for detecting electrolytes in blood and other bodily fluids

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Medical diagnostic instruments for the analysis of blood and other bodily fluids; testing and measuring apparatus for medical use, namely, blood gas analyzers, blood immunoassay analyzers, enzyme immunoassay analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, bacteriologic analyzers, microbiologic analyzers, metabolite analyzers, and co-oximetry analyzers for analysis of blood and body fluids; hematology analyzers for medical diagnostic uses

Medical Apparatus

Refurbishment of medical and clinical instrumentation and apparatus

Building Construction and Repair