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Jun 22, 2022

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Classification Information

Preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; soups; stews; vegetable-based concentrate for cooking; tinned meat, fish, vegetables and fruits; tofu; processed beans; meat croquettes; fish croquettes; chicken croquettes; meat; processed eggs; ham; sausages; bacon; hamburger steak; meatballs; chicken; Galbi (grilled meat dish); sliced and seasoned barbequed beef (Bulgogi); pork cutlets; meat, preserved; processed dairy products, namely, cream, cheese, dairy-based spreads and dairy-based beverages; processed oils and fats for food; fish, not live; fish burger patties; packaged meals consisting primarily of fish; processed seaweed products, namely, edible seaweed; processed fish; meat stocks; fish stock; meat extracts

Meats and Processed Foods

Polished cereals being processed cereals; flour and preparations made from cereals, namely, breakfast cereals, cereal-based snack food, ready-to-eat cereals, cereal bars; noodles; Korean-style dumplings (mandu); pies; baking powder; bread; pancakes; sugar; seasonings; rice cakes; soy sauce; sauces; fermented hot pepper paste (gochujang); soya bean paste; spices; salt; porridge; rice glue balls; pasta; pizzas; sandwiches; hot dog sandwiches; instant rice; stir-fried rice; bowl of rice served with toppings, namely, meat, seafood and vegetables; tea; processed coffee; tea-based beverages

Staple Foods