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May 20, 2022

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Jul 4, 2023

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Blazers; bottoms as clothing; bottoms as clothing for adults; denim jackets; denim jeans; denim shorts; denim skirts; denims in the nature of pants; dresses; dresses for adults; hats; head wear; headwear; hooded pullovers; hooded sweatshirts; hooded sweatshirts for adults; hoods; jumper dresses; jumpers in the nature of sweaters; pants; pants for adults; shirts; shirts and short-sleeved shirts; shirts for adults; sweaters; sweaters for adults; tops as clothing; tops as clothing for adults; athletic shirts; baseball caps; baseball caps and hats; body shirts; bomber jackets; business wear, namely, suits, jackets, trousers, blazers, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and footwear; button down shirts; clothing jackets; clothing jackets for adults; clothing, namely, shirts, pants, tops, bottoms, dresses, headwear, jumpers in the nature of dresses, sweaters and coveralls, blazers, jackets, denim jackets and pants, and sweaters; coats of denim; crop tops; denim pants; graphic t-shirts; halter tops; headwear, namely, hats and caps; hooded sweat shirts; jumpers in the nature of dresses; outer jackets; outerwear, namely, hats, caps being headwear, clothing jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and blazers; over shirts; short-sleeve shirts; short-sleeved shirts; short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; sleep shirts; sleeved jackets; sleeved or sleeveless jackets; sports shirts with short sleeves; sweat jackets; sweat pants; sweat shirts; t-shirts; t-shirts for adults; tank tops; tank-tops; tee shirts; tee-shirts; tube tops; women's hats and hoods