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May 20, 2022

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Blazers; Bottoms as clothing; Bottoms as clothing for adults; Denim jackets; Denim jeans; Denim shorts; Denim skirts; Denims in the nature of pants; Dresses; Dresses for adults; Hats; Head wear; Headwear; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweatshirts; Hooded sweatshirts for adults; Hoods; Jumper dresses; Jumpers in the nature of sweaters; Pants; Pants for adults; Shirts; Shirts and short-sleeved shirts; Shirts for adults; Sweaters; Sweaters for adults; Tops as clothing; Tops as clothing for adults; Athletic shirts; Baseball caps; Baseball caps and hats; Body shirts; Bomber jackets; Business wear, namely, suits, jackets, trousers, blazers, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and footwear; Button down shirts; Clothing jackets; Clothing jackets for adults; Clothing, namely, shirts, pants, tops, bottoms, dresses, headwear, jumpers, blazers, jackets, denim, and sweaters; Coats of denim; Crop tops; Denim pants; Graphic T-shirts; Halter tops; Headwear, namely, hats and caps; Hooded sweat shirts; Jumpers in the nature of dresses; Outer jackets; Outerwear, namely, hats, caps, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and blazers; Over shirts; Short-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Sleep shirts; Sleeved jackets; Sleeved or sleeveless jackets; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Sweat jackets; Sweat pants; Sweat shirts; T-shirts; T-shirts for adults; Tank tops; Tank-tops; Tee shirts; Tee-shirts; Tube tops; Women's hats and hoods