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May 20, 2022

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Accessories for fireplaces, namely, ventilation hoods for fireplaces for use in ventilation and deflecting heat from the top of a fireplace; Air conditioning panels for use in walk-in coolers; Air conditioning units; Air fryers; Air-conditioning apparatus; Apparatus for cooking, namely, cooktops; Apparatus for filtering drinking water; Automatic flush valves for toilets; Bakers' ovens; Baking ovens; Baking ovens; Barbecue grills; Barbecue smoker accessories, namely, convection plates; Barbecue smoker cooking grates; Barbecue smoker cooking grids; Barbecue smokers; Barbecues; Barbecues and grills; Bathroom exhaust fans; Bed warmers; Beer brewing machines, electric, for household purposes; Beverage cooling and ice dispensing machines; Beverage cooling apparatus; Beverage refrigerators for use in cars; Beverage-cooling apparatus; Biogas stoves; Blast chillers for commercial food preparation and storage; Bread baking machines; Bread-making machines; Cabinets used to control temperature and humidity for heating and proofing food goods; Ceramic plates sold as parts of ovens; Ceramic plates sold as parts of stoves; Clothes dryers; Coffee filters not of paper being part of electric coffee makers; Coffee machines incorporating water purifiers; Coffee machines, electric; Coffee percolators, electric; Coffee roasters; Coffee roasting ovens; Coils as parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations; Combination microwave and convection oven; Combination steam and convection ovens for cooking; Combination steamers and ovens; Commercial and industrial cookware, namely gas and electric boilers, gas and electric broilers, gas and electric roasters, gas and electric braising pans; Commercial cooking ovens; Commercial dryers and warewashers sold as a unit for washing and drying food plates, bowls, pots, pans and food preparation and cookwares, glasses and utensils; Convection heaters; Convection ovens; Cooking grates adapted for barbecue grills; Cooking grids adapted for barbecue grills; Cooking ovens; Cooking pots, electric; Cooking products, namely, liners for conventional ovens in the nature of heat-transmitting containers for providing uniform heat and humidity during cooking; Cooking ranges; Cooking stoves; Corn roasters; Deep fat fryers; Deep fryer, electric; Deep fryers, electric; Deep frying machines; Disposable aluminum burner bibs for cooking ranges; Disposable aluminum oven liners for catching spills; Domestic cooking ovens; Drying apparatus for use in heating, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems; Electric air dryers; Electric appliances for making yoghurt; Electric appliances for making yogurt; Electric beverage heaters; Electric beverage warmers; Electric beverage warmers in the nature of to keep beverage warm; Electric boilers; Electric bread cookers; Electric broilers; Electric cabinets used to control temperature and humidity for heating and proofing food goods; Electric cabinets used to control temperature and humidity for heating and proofing for keeping the food temperature balance; Electric casseroles; Electric clothes dryers; Electric coffee brewers; Electric coffee machines; Electric coffee makers; Electric coffee makers; Electric coffee percolators; Electric coffee pots; Electric coffee roasters; Electric cooking ovens; Electric cooking ovens; Electric cooking pot sets; Electric cooking pots; Electric cooking pots for household purposes; Electric cooking pots for industrial purposes; Electric cooking stoves; Electric cooktops; Electric cookware, namely, rice cooker; Electric coolers; Electric crepe makers; Electric cup heaters; Electric cupcake makers; Electric deep fryers; Electric dish dryers; Electric Dutch ovens; Electric egg boilers; Electric egg boilers for commercial purposes; Electric egg cookers; Electric egg steamers for household purposes; Electric espresso machines; Electric fans; Electric fans; Electric fans for personal use; Electric food dehydrators; Electric food dehydrators for household purposes; Electric food steamers; Electric food warmers; Electric food warmers in the nature of to keep food warm; Electric foot baths; Electric freezers; Electric fryers; Electric furnaces; Electric griddles; Electric grills; Electric gummy candy makers; Electric heater for infant food; Electric hot plates; Electric household dryers for to dry clothes; Electric ice cream makers; Electric indoor grills; Electric kettles; Electric kettles for household purposes; Electric meal delivery units for institutional food services; Electric nut milk makers; Electric outdoor grills; Electric pancake makers; Electric panini grills; Electric panini makers; Electric plate warmers; Electric pour-over coffee kettles; Electric pressure cookers; Electric quesadilla makers; Electric ramen noodle cookers; Electric ranges; Electric refrigerators; Electric rice cooker; Electric rice steamers; Electric roasters; Electric rotisseries; Electric sandwich makers; Electric sandwich toasters; Electric saucepans; Electric slow cookers; Electric soy milk makers; Electric soy milk making machines; Electric soymilk makers; Electric space cooling apparatus; Electric stoves; Electric tea kettles; Electric tea pots; Electric toaster ovens; Electric toasters; Electric toasters; Electric tortilla makers; Electric tortilla presses; Electric towel warmers; Electric vegetable steamers; Electric waffle irons; Electric waffle maker; Electric warming cabinets for preparing, storing and serving food; Electric woks; Electric yoghurt makers; Electric yogurt makers; Electrical ice cream makers; Electrical rice cookers; Electrically-heated ice cream scoops; Electromagnetic induction cookers; Electromagnetic induction cookers for industrial purposes; Electronic fireplace dampers; Exhaust hoods for kitchens; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Faucet aerators; Faucet handles; Faucet sprayers; Filters and filtering devices for air and gas conditioning; Filters for air conditioning; Filters for air extractor hoods; Filters, heaters and pumps sold in combination for use in hot tubs; Filtration unit for filtering and treating cooking oil being part of commercial deep fryers; Fireplace inserts in the nature of for decoration; Fireplaces; Fish roasters; Flexible pipes being parts of basin plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of bath plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of shower plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of sink plumbing installations; Food dehydrators, electric; Food steamers, electric; Freezers; Fridge-freezers; Fruit roasters; Garment steamers; Gas burners; Gas burners for for cooking use; Gas cookers; Gas cooktops; Gas fires; Gas furnaces for commercial buildings; Gas furnaces for residential homes; Gas grills; Gas purification machines; Gas refrigerators; Gas stoves; Gas stoves; Gas-powered deep fat fryers; Grill accessories, namely, charcoal grill conversion units for converting charcoal grills to electric smokers; Grill accessories, namely, warming trays; Hand held shower heads; Heat sinks for use in heating, cooling and ventilating apparatus; Heating elements; Hoods for ranges; Hot water heaters; Ice cream making machines; Ice cube making machines; Ice machines; Ice machines and apparatus; Ice making machines; Ice-cooling refrigerators; Ignition systems comprised of a gas supply tube with a nozzle and an electrical igniter to create a flame at the nozzle for industrial applications, namely, for igniting waste gases being discharged from industrial stacks and for igniting gas-fired boilers; Immersion heaters; Induction heaters for heating thermal insulated delivery bags designed to keep food warm during transport; Induction ovens; Industrial cooking ovens; Industrial furnaces; Industrial rice cookers; Interior environment control system for commercial buildings, namely, heaters, ventilators and humidifiers all sold as a unit; Kettles, electric; Kitchen sink sprayers; Kitchen sinks; Laundry centers, namely, a clothes dryer combined with a clothes washer; Laundry driers, electric; Laundry dryers, electric; Laundry drying machines; Liquid propane furnaces for commercial buildings; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens for cooking; Microwave ovens for household purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial use; Modular counters for refrigerating, heating and chilling foods; Modular insulated panels and doors for walk-in refrigerated enclosures, environmental cooling rooms and freezers; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus for cooking, baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, searing, browning, barbecuing and grilling food; Multicookers; Oil cooking stoves; Oil stoves; Oven gas igniters; Oven ventilator hoods; Pizza ovens; Plumbing fixtures, namely, shower sprayers; Plumbing fixtures, namely, sink sprayers; Plumbing supplies, namely, sink strainers; Portable electric heaters; Portable fire pit cooking grates; Portable fire pit cooking grids; Portable refrigerators; Portable showers; Power-operated vaporizers for household purposes; Pressure cookers, electric; Pressure cooking saucepans, electric; Range hoods; Range hoods; Refrigerated dispensing units for beverages; Refrigerated shipping containers; Refrigerating appliances and installations; Refrigerating cabinets; Refrigerating chambers; Refrigerating display cabinets; Refrigerating machines; Refrigerating machines and installations; Refrigerating or freezing showcases; Refrigeration equipment, namely, food and beverage chilling units; Refrigeration equipment, namely, rapid food chilling units; Refrigerator condensers; Refrigerator shelving, drawers, bins and trays; Refrigerators; Refrigerators and freezers for household use and replacement parts and fittings therefor; Refrigerators, cooling apparatus and freezers for medical storage purposes; Rice cooking pots, electric; Rooftop grease containment system comprising an exhaust fan, grease deflector, and filter for trapping grease vented from rooftop exhaust fans for cooking areas within the building; Rotisseries; Sauna bath installations; Sewage purification installations; Shower bases; Showers; Sink drainer system comprised of a drain tray, sink mount, kick stand and rod; Sinks; Sinks integrated into counters or countertops; Soya milk making machines, electric; Spark igniters for gas appliances; Steam ovens for cooking; Steam tables for food serving and keeping; Stoves being heating apparatus; Tea kettles, electric; Temperature controlled, refrigerated or heated mobile units for the storage and delivery of food products; Thermoelectric cooler/heater for food and beverages; Toilet accessories, namely, handles that are affixed to toilet seats; Toilet accessories, namely, plastic handles that are affixed to toilet seats; Toilet bowls; Toilets; Tortilla presses, electric; Touchless hand drying apparatus; Ventilating exhaust fans; Ventilating exhaust fans for to clear the air from smoke; Ventilating fans for commercial and industrial use; Ventilating fans for industrial purposes; Ventilating fans for to clear the air from smoke; Ventilating louvers; Ventilating, high-velocity fixed exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilating, high-velocity portable exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilation fan accessories, namely, grilles; Ventilation hoods for stoves; Ventilation units for commercial food preparation and food serving; Ventilators for cleaning the air; Waffle irons, electric; Walk-in freezers; Walk-in refrigerators; Warming cabinets for to keep food warm; Warming drawers for kitchens; Washing machine water treatment device connected to the cold water inlet to eliminate need for detergent; Water coolers; Whirlpools; Wine coolers, namely, refrigerated cabinets containing racks for wine bottles and storage shelves; Wood burning cooking stoves

Environmental Control Apparatus