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May 20, 2022

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Gas stoves; Gas cooktops; Induction ovens; Electric ranges; induction ranges; Gas ranges; Cooking stoves; Electric cooking stoves; Electric stoves; Electric cooktops; Biogas stoves; microwave and convection oven; Microwave ovens for household purposes and cooking; Pizza ovens; Combination steam and convection ovens for cooking; Combination steamers and ovens; Convection ovens; Steam ovens for cooking; Cooking ovens; Electric cooking ovens; Electric dish dryers; Electric toaster ovens; Electromagnetic induction cooktop, Laundry centers, namely, a clothes dryer combined with a clothes washer; Electric household dryers for drying clothes; Laundry drying machines; Oven ventilator hoods; Range hoods; Hoods for ranges; Exhaust hoods for kitchens; Ventilation hoods for stoves; Electric refrigerators; Portable refrigerators; Refrigerators; Refrigerators and freezers for household use; electric; Freezers; Electric freezers; Fridge-freezers; Ice-cooling refrigerators; Beverage cooling and Beverage refrigerators for use in cars; Kitchen sinks; Sinks; Sinks integrated into counters or countertops; sink mount, kick stand and rod; Water coolers; Electric coolers; Wine coolers, namely, refrigerated cabinets containing racks for wine bottles and storage shelves, Barbecue grills; namely, convection plates; Barbecue smokers; Barbecues; Barbecues and grills

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