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Jun 22, 2022

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Jul 25, 2023

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Advice in the field of business management and marketing; Arranging and conducting of fairs and exhibitions for business and advertising purposes; Business advice and analysis of markets; Business consultation and management regarding marketing activities and launching of new products; Business management and consulting services for the health care industry, namely, customer service, accounting services, and web-based advertising and marketing services; Business management consulting with relation to strategy, marketing, production, personnel and retail sale matters; Business marketing consulting services; Business marketing services; Business marketing consulting services to childcare organizations; Business management and consulting services for the health care industry, namely, customer service, accounting services, and marketing services; Business monitoring and consulting services, namely, tracking web sites and applications of others to provide strategy, insight, marketing, sales, operation, product design, particularly specializing in the use of analytic and statistic models for the understanding and predicting of consumers, businesses, and market trends and actions; Business to business direct marketing services; Market research and business analyses; Marketing consulting services relating to long-term business strategy development for non-profit organizations; Providing business marketing information; Website traffic optimization; Advertising, marketing and promotional services related to all industries for the purpose of facilitating networking and socializing opportunities for business purposes; Assistance, advisory services and consultancy with regard to business planning, business analysis, business management, business organization, marketing and customer analysis; Branding services, namely, consulting, development, management and marketing of brands for businesses and/or individuals; International business consulting services relating to marketing; International business consulting services relating to merchandise trading, human resource interchange, management support, marketing, advertising, promotion, and domestic and international market research and development; Promoting, advertising and marketing of the brands, products, services and online websites of individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations; Providing online business management services including accounting, marketing, business project management, and business development; Providing promotional marketing services to businesses in the broadband and media industries

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