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Jun 22, 2022

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Recorded software for use in connection with medical apparatus and medical infusion pumps; Recorded medical computer programs to control medical devices for infusing medical fluid into a patient; Apparatus to test and measure properties of liquids emitted by infusion pumps and other medical devices; Recorded software for controlling and monitoring of infusion processes; Recorded computer software, computer applications, and hardware for setting dosage limits and accurately monitor drug delivery to prevent medication errors and for control of medical devices; Recorded computer software for controlling dose limits and indicating suggested concentrations, volumes and drug amounts based on patient and hospital protocol; all the foregoing for use in a patient care setting, and not a laboratory

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Medical apparatus, namely, infusion and injection devices for administering drugs and food for parenteral and enteral feeding; medical devices, namely, infusion pumps for delivering measured amounts of solutions into the bloodstream and gastrointestinal tract over time; Medical devices, namely, structural parts for infusion medical devices; Medical and surgical apparatus and instruments for use in administering infusions; Monitors, controllers and pumps, all for use in the infusion and intravenous injection of fluids in medicine and surgery; Intravenous infusion pumps for medical purposes; all the foregoing for use in a patient care setting, and not a laboratory

Medical Apparatus

Medical product engineering consultancy services, namely, assisting others in finding engineering services for medical products; Advisory services in the field of industrial engineering of medical products, namely, assisting others in finding industrial engineering services for medical products; technology incubator services, namely, assisting other in identifying engineering and industrial engineering services

Computer and Scientific