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Jun 22, 2022

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Oct 3, 2023

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Remote control transmitters for radio-controlled devices; Radio transmitters and receivers for remote controls, radio controls; Radio receivers for remote controls; Wireless remote controls for industrial applications; Communication, telecommunication and radio communication apparatus and instruments, namely, apparatus for transmission of communication, aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus, telecommunication cables, telecommunication exchangers, radio pagers, radio sets, radio receivers, radio telephones; Aerials and antennas including hand-portable, portable, mobile, marine and base station antennas; Antenna systems comprised of antennas and digital signal processors; Signalling and supervising apparatus and instruments, namely, signal processors, signaling buoys, and railway signals; Radio transmitters, radio receivers, multi-coupler radio receivers, radio signal combiners and filters for radio interference suppression; Apparatus and instruments for recording, receiving, broadcasting and transmission of sound, images, pictures and data, including to and from radio base stations; Computer hardware, downloadable computer operating software, and replacement parts and components, all for the aforesaid goods

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Installation, maintenance, and repair of remote control apparatus; Installation and maintenance regarding antennas and telecommunication equipment

Building Construction and Repair