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May 20, 2022

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Computer software; software applications (apps), including apps for installation on telephones, mobile telephones and communications and wireless communication devices; downloadable software; software programs for video and computer games; downloadable computer game software; downloadable video game software; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing video games; downloadable software, namely, non-fungible tokens; security tokens (encryption devices); virtual reality gaming software; software for trading; online payment software; computer hardware and accessories; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; audio recordings; audio visual recordings; video recordings; film, sound, music, audio and audio-visual content and recordings; audio, visual and audio-visual recordings and content provided by downloading and/or streaming from computers and communications networks, including the Internet and the world wide web; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; telephone ringtones (downloadable); smart phones; mobile phones; laptops; tablets; mobile phone cases, skins and sleeves; laptop cases; tablet cases; screen savers and screen wallpaper; accessories for telephones, telephone handsets, communication and wireless communication devices; magnetic identity cards; credit cards; discount cards; bags for protecting and transporting computers, computer equipment and portable media players and MP3 players; electronic publications recorded on computer media; sound, music, optical goods; holograms; computer mice; mouse mats; ear phones; headphones; downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Clothing; footwear; headgear; apparel; caps


Administration of a discount program for enabling participants to obtain discounts on goods and services through use of discount program membership; administration of loyalty programs involving discounts or incentives; promoting the goods and services of others through discount programs; commercial affairs; business consultancy services; management consultancy services; recruitment consultancy services

Advertising and Business

Provision of an online community; provision of online forums; provision of social media platforms; providing virtual facilities for real-time interaction among computer users


Entertainment; online entertainment services; online interactive entertainment; provision of online computer games; provision of online video games; online interactive gaming services; online computer game services; online gaming services through mobile devices; provision of online information in the field of computer games entertainment; provision of online information on computer and video game strategies; provision of online information relating to game players; online gambling services; education; training; sports training; coaching; sports coaching; golf coaching; provision of online coaching; provision of online tutorials; organising of sporting events, competitions and sporting tournaments; providing online entertainment in the nature of game tournaments; organisation and staging of online sports tournaments; staging of golf tours; provision of private members' club services; fan club services; provision of electronic publications (non-downloadable) from the Internet; publishing of online reviews; provision of entertainment via podcast; production of podcasts; production of online video blogs; presentation of online video blogs; production of non-downloadable audio-visual clips; arranging and conducting exhibitions, shows and tours, all for entertainment purposes; organisation of conventions for entertainment purposes; presentation of live performances

Education and Entertainment

Video and computer game development services; technical services for the downloading of video games; online data storage; software as a service (SaaS); platform as a service (PaaS); blockchain as a service (BaaS); information technology (IT) consultancy services; information and advisory services relating to information technology (IT); installation and maintenance of computer software; software design and development; providing information and advisory services in the field of information technology, namely, computer software and computer hardware

Computer and Scientific